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Default Re: Some advice for basketball players

Update from yesterday: Shot 50 3's. I was planning to make 50 but I realized it would've been counter intuitive because after a while I was getting fatigued and form was getting sloppier. I had just lifted so I focused on getting good form in and if the shots went in, great.

Originally Posted by bobbyflay
yes yes we just need to focus on our goals and have the right state of mind.

By the way, what do you think is the ultimate basketball training program to do in 1 hour? My time is getting used up by school now. First day of school and I'm aleady coming home at 4 pm without any extra classes(joining basketball prob next week). I could stretch it to a max of 2 hours though.

1 hour: What are you trying to get better at? I'd pick one or two skills you feel you really should improve and just hit those hard. It's alot more efficient than trying to do everything for too little time.

For example, if you chose shooting and passing, I'd spent 35-40 minutes shooting and 20 minutes passing, emphasizing the left hand. Have an 80/20 split working your offhand for passing/ball handling because when you work your left you also work your right subconsciously.

Don't forget to warm up and stretch when finished.
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