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Default Re: Rush suspended 5 games for failing drug test

Originally Posted by jbot
i don't have a definite opinion on him. doesn't seem to be consistent.
Well, he's consistently inconsistent. Hopefully George can grow into a starting caliber SG but I just really don't see it, his ballhandling needs A LOT of work. Rush isn't starting caliber either, well by default I guess, but he's got some really nice skills. He's everything Dahntay Jones is supposed to be defensively. I don't mind that signing, but it was at least a year too long and pays too much, but not a franchise killer or anything obviously. Dahntay can at least do some things on a basketball court besides be tall, which is all Solo has going for him.

I still really, really want to try and get Andre Iguodala. He's a stout defender, willing passer, can't shoot but won't (shouldn't) matter once JOB's gone. Put Hibbert in the high post and run some Hansbrough screens to get a cutting Iggy free with Danny ready to knock down a 3. Iggy and Danny'd compliment eachother pretty well I think and he's the same Danny tier of player we need to really start doing something. I'd give any of the expirings and our 1st next year for him. Maybe something like Dunleavy, Rush, and like a top 10 protected first next year around the deadline if Philly doesn't do much and wants to cut salary and open up minutes for Evan Turner.

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