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I would take the chances on either Bargnani, Aldridge, Morrison Gay, or Roy at #2.

Bargnani could either turn out to become like Norwitzki or R. Wallace, I'd doubt that he's gonna turn out to be the next Darko Milicic(he's doing better in Orlando and is better defensively than he is offensively)

Aldridge could possibly be manipulated to play more so in the post and add on bulk by Skiles along w/his already-developed 15ft jumpshot and Skiles would have him develop more toughness mentally also

Morrison is a player that plays w/his heart on his sleeve despite the diabetes that he has and could score from anywhere on the court; i wouldn't mind putting him at the #2 starting or coming off the bench in order to build a deeper bench for the team although he would need to develop better ball handling and get stronger physically and defensively

Gay could be the sleeper in the draft. He has the most upside in the draft I think depending on what coach he's gonna be playing for(if he goes to Atlanta, throw that upside thing out the window, they're the new-Old Los Angeles Clippers) People ? his heart and desire for the game, but you gotta give him credit for playing more of a team game rather that a 1-man takes over and hogs the ball game at UConn because UConn had a whole lotta talent(Marcus Williams who also has ROY potential and sharp-shooting Rashad Anderson who isn't even on a draft board at all IDK y not?) on that team and he could've taken over, but he didn't go that route and played the way Calhoun would've wanted him to play. He could be the all-star, superstar player that the Bulls might need within the next 2-3 yrs. At 6'8" or 6'9" with a great wingspan, he has some ballhandling ability to play at the #2 and he could be reliable on defense also against other #2's in the league and become effective on weak-side defenses and block some shots, Plus he could fit into Skiles' system well because Skiles and Calhoun are pretty similar as far as what they demand out of their players.

Brandon Roy in the NCAA tournament was kinda like a poor-man's Dwyane Wade. At 6'5"-6'6" (D. Wade's 6'4"), He almost beat UConn single-handedly and was more of an effective slasher which is more of the Bulls' style of play; and by slashing, you're gonna get to the line a couple of times (Check out how many times D. Wade goes to the line: he just about averages between 12-16pts from the line because of how many times he drives to the basket, something that the bulls rarely don't do because sometimes they will fall in love w/the jumpshot and not drive to the bucket(Nocioni does drive a lot to the basket, IMO he's arguably the bulls' best player and he WAS their best player in the playoffs against the Heat)), and he's an effective defensive player also at the #2. FT shooting is a + also, especially if you're a slasher because you're gonna get to the line a lotta times and you gotta make the FT's if you're a slasher, and he's improved on his jumper out to at least between 15-19ft. He's the most complete and by-far developed player in this draft. The only thing that he has to work on is his NBA-range 3pt shooting(similar to D. Wade). The only thing that he lacks that isn't like D. Wade is athleticism and explosiveness (which is something i could live with).

And I wouldn't take a chance on Ty Thomas because he only showed up outta nowhere in the tournament and didn't even play a full year in college because of injuries and you guys see that he's injury-prone already by having stomach and groin pains and pulling outta workouts so i think that it's too risky to take him because he's not that talented offensively and he wouldn't have any true NBA-positioning at the #4 or #3, nobody's ?ning his defensive ability (was looking like B. Wallace in the tournament) and rebounding, but i would think that it's too much of a chance to take a risk on a project like him because you don't know for sure what you're gonna get. I mean, you don't know if you're gonna get Ben Wallace or Shawn Marion (either would be good), or if you're gonna get Stromile Swift (which would be horrid).

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