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I actually agree with the topic but we're going to have to take players back in trades too. I would love to see us blow the team up. Trade Ron to Miami for Dorrel Wright(promising young SF with play of athleticism)/James Posey(expiring contract). Trade Bibby somewhere for another expiring contract+pick/young player. Get rid of Miller for an expiring contract/young player. Trade Thomas for Danny Fortson(expiring), than waive Fortson. Then I draft Durant or Brandan Wright, sign Chauncey Billups+Darko. New starting 5: Chauncey/Kevin/Dorrel Wright/Durant/Darko or something like that. Probably actually need a few more vets I guess. Unfortunately our most moveable player may end up being Shareef in a deal to Chitown for PJ Brown+Maybe Chris Duhon or another young player.
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