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Default Re: Off-Topic(Anything non-Knicks related) Respectful Of Course!!

Originally Posted by franchize
Yea Sanchez can't be mentioned in the same breath as any of those guys but our Defense is better than all of those teams defenses...including the Patriots and Giants.PPL mistakingly said that Giants team had a great D.They didnt.They hada great Pass Rush.The Giants secondary has been shaky for years.Its just so damn hard to get the ball off when Tuck,Osi, Strahan, Cofield,Alford, Kiwanuka are breathing down your neck and theyre all fresh because they are stockpiled @ the dline positions.Every year the Giants draft @ least one d-lineman,most of the time high in the draft.The Jets only somewhat of a weakness is their pash rush from the end position...but we run a 3-4 (which I hate btw) and we never only send our linemen.We always are blitzing some1.So I could play D end and it wouldnt matter.Plus,our LBs are agressive and now under Rex Ryan,we gang tackle.Soemthing we never used to do.So what does that mean? Even if somehow you escape the Brick Wall known as Kris Jenkins,now you have a tidal wave of LBs and safeties ready to bust your snotbubble.Oh and btw,dont even think about throwin it Revis' way.Oh and btw you can't exactly pick on the other DBs because one is a former pro-bowler and one is a stud rookie.Oh and btw our Dwight Lowery's biggest strength is playing nickleback.So yea I'm nervous about Sanchez but I wont count us out if he doesnt have good games.He played poorly in alotta games last year and it didnt matter because the D wouldnt allow the opposing team to score.It was like a little kid playing basketball with a Ringer and he gets all the rebounds and keeps letting the scrubby kid shoot until he makes one lmao.

What I just realized is that the Patriots and Jets are opposites but similar at the same time.

The Patriots have a strong offense which has been making headlines for the wrong reasons this off season, due to contracts. They also have a weak defence this year.

The Jets have a strong defense which has also been making headlines for the wrong reasons with the whole Revis situation. Then look at there offense and you see that its average at best.

I'm interested in seeinng the results of the Jets Pats games this season.

That was off topic though. Back to my point. My big problem with Jet fans is alot of them are claiming they are going to the super bowl this year. What makes them better then the Colts? The Colts have one of the stronger defenses in the league and one of the best QB's in the game. The Jets have one of the best defenses in the league but an unproven sophmore QB.

And thats a big jump. You still have to go through the Chargers, which you proved you can do but this is a younger and healthier Charger team. Then even in your own division you have to take on the Dolphins who quietly have a very good squad this year as well. I just hate that Jets fans think theyre going to even sniff a superbowl title with out a legit QB.

I mean look at the Vikings. They were very similar to your team now. Great running game and strong defense...but no QB. They went no where. They get Brett Favre and are a mistake away from the Super Bowl. Theyre still many peoples choice to make it to the super bowl this year.
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