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Originally Posted by the even bigger black guy
Knoe won't respond to your point, he just looks for any excuse to push his agenda of calling groupies scum. He's like a broken record who looks for every chance to spit out his rhetoric. He doesn't want to argue or debate, because he's already made up his mind and has an agenda. He just looks for an opportunity to call people names.

There was a time when Kobe groupies ran rampant, and that guy actually found a niche in the basketball forum world. But these days the groupie behavior is greatly toned down for the most part, and the ones that exist are put in check by Lakers fans usually before anyone else(except at LG). That and the fact that Kobe has shed many of the characteristics so many of his detractors made such a fuss over. These days a guy like him is struggling to maintain the identity that validated his existence and made him a notable figure here.

He should be treated like a senile old man,when he barks a bunch of nonsense. Just pat him on the head, put your finger to your lips for him to shush down a little and then turn around and ignore him.
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