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Default Re: Off-Topic(Anything non-Knicks related) Respectful Of Course!!

Comparing Mark Sanchez who is going into his 2nd season who had 1 year of college experience and 1 year of NFL experience is just NONSENSE!

The reason the Jets pass rush is abysmal is because they cant get pressure on the QB with the front 7. So they have to send exotic and creative blitzes to get pressure on the QB. Considering Pace is the best only pass rusher is pretty pitiful to me.

I dont see where the Giants improved on defense except adding a Safety and Middle linebacker (who is really a weakside LB.) Bano the Giants have added nothing really, yet they have improved? Ludicrous. Its the same team that folded after starting 5-0 I believe.

I dont think the Giants are bad by no means but honestly I dont see them making much waves this year. 9-7 would be a nice for them. I can see them beating Panthers Home, Tennessee Home, Chicago Home, Detroit Home, @Seattle, Wash Home, Philly Home, Jacksonville Home, Dallas Home.
Show me where the Giants are going to be quality teams on the road?
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