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Default Re: Off-Topic(Anything non-Knicks related) Respectful Of Course!!

end of the day,im just excited to see the Jets look good.I've been a die-hard fan through countless Mets,Jets and Knicks seasons where we had no shot. The Mets look like crap and will for the forseeable future.The Knicks may never get right because we wanna hold on to certain unproven guys instead of going after superstars *cough cough* lol and the Jets went years with a guy who couldnt throw pass 20 yds (Chad Pennington) so yea,I'm excited about Jet football.Our Defense is great,our running game is good,our receivers are finally good,Rex Ryan is fun to listen to, Fireman Ed is awesome (even though he wasnt the originator of the JETS chant) and we have the best db in the league

o yea p.s. we send exotic blitz packages because that's how Rex Ryan coaches. D-line or no D-line.He did it in B-more too.It's why he's such a genious on the defensive side of the ball.and i think a big part of the reason we didnt get pash rush is because our DT,one of if not the best in the league,was out...i think that MAY have something to do with it.

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