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Originally Posted by LAZYBOY

I was wondering through all of this suffering if anybody had any new thought on Petrie? There's like a month until the deadline, let's see how good this guy really is.
As was said many times: the webber move was supposed to dump his huge contract and get big free agents. We picked up SAR, and Bonzi. We know how one of those guys worked out, and SAR has been an average player. Oh, BTW we still have an overpaid and undersized K-9, and one decent player who puts 100% on the court: Corliss Williamson. Where are the moves? We picked up Mo and Vitaly and Williams, great. Worthless players since they don't get playing time.

I say dump the many scrubs we have and let's get some big name talent in here like Pau. I think we should move Miller back to Indy for Foster. Move Bibby to Philly for Andre Miller, and move K-9 anywhere.
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