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Default Re: Off-Topic(Anything non-Knicks related) Respectful Of Course!!

Originally Posted by franchize
IMO our D is better than the Giants D was the year they won.

I think your D is better too. The difference is we had a legit a QB and you dont.

I think any team with a good Defence can atleast make it to the championships, but only teams with legit Quarterbacks to go with a good defence have the ability to win it all.

Look how good the Bears defence was in the 2006-2007 season when the lost in the superbowl against the Colts. But then a Giants team, which I dont think was as good as that Bears team manages to win a superbowl one year later.

A good QB is 100% needed to win a superbowl.

Im fine with any Jets fan saying they have a shot to make it to the superbowl, but to win is a whole different story. You don't have the QB for it.
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