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oh come on...
Imagine if Chicago was stupid enough to trade the #2 and Chandler for Marion & Phx pick.... ...

Tyson runs the floor better than 99% of 7-footers.

...and Phx would snap up morrison @ #2...
...and put him in the backcourt w/ Nash...

Phoenix would be RIDICULOUS !!!!

Starting Lineup:

PG Nash
SG Morrison
SF Diaw
PF Stoudamire
C Tyson CHandler

Every last player in that line-up runs the floor extremely well. And, they're a BIG lineup. It'd be murder....

I want the Bulls to make this stupid-@ss trade, only just to watch that potential Phx lineup win the '08 title, and then the '09 title....

Whoo hhooooo, Phoenix would love that trade!!!

come on! stupid???!!! that's one of the smartest thing they'll eva do if this trade goes!

but then again... Suns will be the stupid one if they let the trade go... Chandler<<<Marion... plus Marion is their franchise playa! Marion is too valuable compared to Chandler... maybe Diaw... they can work something out...
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