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Exclamation "If you Booze it, you won't loose it."

If I were making the decision to go with either Boozer or K-Mart, I would have to go with Boozer and here's why: Yes both have had their fair share of injuries but K-Mart's injuries are worse and he is older. K-Mart lacks the intensity to go hard for forty-eight minutes every outing and with Boozer you get someone whom will bang and go all out every second he is on the court. K-Mart has developed a reputation for being a slight headcase, Boozer on the other hand is known for being a "model citizen" and will be absolutely no problem. K-Mart will want his percentage of the low post touches, Boozer will score his points off the rebounds he puts back. K-Mart has a max out deal but gives you only solid production and superstar attitude, Boozer's deal was only sixty million for six years and when he's on the court, he earns every bit of it giving you the inside player Pau has always needed, someone unselfish with size and knows his role. To sum things up, Boozer is the perfect fit6 for our team, on and off the court. When healthy, Boozer is definitely the answer to our low-post problems.
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