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Default Re: Jared Sullinger:

Originally Posted by TheGame414
I think he's going to be an excellent college player, but two things are wrong there:

1. The best college big in some time? Come on, now. How much time are you talking about, here?

2. He's absolutely an NBA prospect even though he's slightly undersized for his position.

I don't see him as an elite prospect... I think he'll make the league but he's not gonna be a star is what I meant.

Who is coming to mind? I don't have the best memory for things but... I'm not thinking of anyone.

Before the one-year rule, it seems like most freak bigs skipped college. Of course, with someone like him who is undersized... he wouldn't have. But since the one-year rule who are you thinking of that he can not potentially be?

I don't want to hear about guys that were going to be elite nba prospects, either, I'm talking about the impact on purely a college level.

I am not saying there isn't someone, because I might have forgotten but let me know so I can remember.

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