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Default Re: Jared Sullinger:

Originally Posted by TheGame414
It's not like you have to go far back. If you wanna talk about guys from the one-and-done era, do you really think Sullinger is going to surpass Kevin Love, Michael Beasley or Greg Oden?

Or if you want to look at guys who won national titles and dominated college for several years, how about Emeka Okafor or Tyler Hansbrough? Or Horford and Noah?

Jared Sullinger could find himself in the same class as guys like that but I'm not joining you on that limb in saying he's going to eclipse them.

Beasley had a pretty amazing season. It wasn't until I read his name that I remembered about that, and you're right that wasn't too long ago... but I guess I could argue against that by saying he was not the kind of big I am talking about.

But to the rest, yes, I think that he will. Better than the one-and-dones because he'll stay for more than one year, and better than the guys who stayed for awhile because he's a better player.

His game doesn't need to add anything. It only has to refine a few things. He can do anything you'd want a C to do right now... the only possible downside is undersized.

But hell no he's not putting up 25+ ppg in his first year. lol.

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