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Mav's talent around Nowitzki is underated. you Mav's fans make Nowitzki out to be some guy thats youre whole team which is straight BS. In fact Nowitzki does WAY LESS than Nash does for the Suns game to game. Nowitzki is more or less just a scorer. a great scorer but hes not making amazing passes, creating/dribbling for his teammates all the time, and doing all the intangibles. true hes not a PG, but when Nowitzki gets it its usually going to end up a shot.

Dampier, Howard, Stackhouse, Terry, and everyone that gets playing time on the Mav's is underated. They have the record they do NOT because of Nowitzki because they have one of the deepest most athletic hustling teams in the league. In fact thats the most noticeable thing i've seen from that team that separates them from the other great teams.

you Mav fans are petty for trying to knock Nash so you can prop Nowitzki. Mav's would still be great without Nowitzki, they've still won when he has sat out games, and i bet if you took both Nash and Nowitzki off their teams, the Mav's would still have a better record whlie the Suns would probably drop alot in their standings. You can point to all stars on the Suns but they werent winning until Nash got there. And i'll say it again, the Mav's athleticism and their players who might not be considered stars dont get enough credit for the Mav's winning, while Mav's fans way overhype Nowitzki like hes the sole reason they are that good which is just stupid.
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