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Yes and they will be the first one's to say how great he is when they win.

That's the way it is, they are two faced. They will all jump on a bandwagon. To make a point remember the movie "Forrest Gump"? The critics blasted it and gave 3 stars at best. It was a big hit, all of a sudden it's a great 4 star movie.....I never listen to movie critics, they are like sports journalists and have their own agendas.

That's the nature of the media. They need to justify having a job. So when there is no news they will make some up or stir up controversy.

It has nothing to do with the facts. Just like one article saying Jefferies shut down Artest when it was Lee. The guy didn't even watch the game.

I don't pay much attention to them. Most don't know sports and are marginal journalists at best.
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