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Originally Posted by dwillreg
No way Gay falls to 8 and no way in hell Thomas falls to 10. Is that a joke?? Plus there is no way Collins falls to the second round.

Draft 101 for Dwillreg

If Aldridge, Roy and S.Williams all have top 5 guarantees and as most educated Hoops fan know Bargnani is headed for the Raps that leaves only the following options:

Either Morrison or Gay will go to the Bobcats at 3, I believe it will me Morrison.
That leaves Foye, Gay and Thomas for the T-wolves at 6. Foye has been killing everybody for the past two weeks now non-stop so I believe the wolves will select him (McHale is an idiot so Gay and Thomas could fall here as well)
However, Thomas has not worked out for anybody which tends to rub GM's the wrong way, so he will fall.
At 7 the Celtics are deciding between M.Williams and Rondo I believe they take M.Williams Ainge has been throwing out too much negativity towards M.Williams so much so that it must be a smokescreen, if he takes Rondo (who he has been pumping up, i'll be shocked)
At 8 the Rockets need a 3 in the worst way so Gay would be their pick because I don't think the Bobcats will take him over Morrison.
at 9 just look at G.S. roster they have two huge holes-SF and C.
with Gay gone at 8 they will take O'Bryant
That leaves Thomas and his bad agents to fall to 10 with SEA, they should have learned from G.Green last year that not working out and refusing to work out vs. the other top players when you do work out is not the smartest way of going about business.
As for your Collins comment, I like him too but 3 on 3 work outs don't do him justice nor do shooting drills. He is a player but this draft has too many shooters for someone to take him in Rd.1 as S.Brown and Gibson worked their way into the first round he and Ager will drop out.

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