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Originally Posted by ElPigto

If someone can't understand this, then you don't watch Suns play basketball. Only arguments I'll be reading are those from hardcore Suns fans that know what they are talking about, otherwise, people like Smokee, I don't care how much jibberish you type, I won't be reading your crap.

LOL i could careless if your punk-ass read my **** or not,

i dont know why ya'll feel the need to call me out all the time so then i have to make fun of you then you report me then i get banned, butt i swear i never start this ****,

its always some nerdy-ass gimp like ElPigto who cant handle my crudeness acting like hes so special and everyone wants him to read their post, when nobody gives a **** whos stuff you read. seriously wtf?
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