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Roy = my new fave.
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Everyone's tired of hearing about Nash at this point
That's true.
If there's a potential land mine, it's the Marion-Stoudemire rivalry, an ongoing problem (as McCallum described in his book about the Suns) because of Stoudemire's enormous ego and Marion's insecurities about his underappreciated career (even though his talents are indisputably essential to everything the Suns do). If this were a rock band, Marion would be the drummer -- the guy who's killing himself every night and resigning himself to a couple of solos per concert.
*waits for Joey Zaza*
Barbosa: He'd be the best guard on more than half the teams in the league right now
No. Just no.

Atlanta - Joe Johnson.
Boston - If you count Pierce as a guard, Pierce. We won't. One.
Charlotte - Two.
Chicago - Kirk Hinrich.
Cleveland - Larry Hughes.
Dallas - Jason Terry.
Denver - Allen Iverson.
Detroit - Chauncey Billups.
Golden State - Baron Davis.
Houston - Tracy McGrady.
Indiana - Three.
LA Clippers - We'll count Maggette as a forward. Cassell is no longer in his first year with the team. Four.
LA Lakers - Kobe Bryant.
Memphis - If you count Mike Miller as a guard, Mike Miller. We won't. Five.
Miami - Dwyane Wade.
Milwaukee - Michael Redd.
Minnesota - Ricky Davis.
New Jersey - Jason Kidd.
New Orleans - Chris Paul.
New York - Six.
Orlando - Grant Hill.
Philadelphia - Andre Miller.
Phoenix - Steve Nash.
Portland - Seven.
Sacramento - Kevin Martin.
San Antonio - Ginobili or Parker, whoever you consider better.
Seattle - Ray Allen.
Toronto - TJ Ford.
Utah - Deron Williams.
Washington - Gilbert Arenas.

At the absolute most generous I can be, that's seven teams on which Barbosa would be the best guard right now.
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