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Ron Artest - I fought the law and the law won: The Clash

Allen Iverson - The Boy with the Thorn in his side: The Smiths

Kobe Bryant - Unbelievable: EMF

David Stern - Simon Says: Any 1st grade teacher

Chris Kaman - Copperhead Road: Steve Earl

Pau Gasol - Help: The Beatles

Dikembe Mutombo - When I'm 64: The Beatles

Latrell Sprewell - You didn't want me: Mesh

Gilbert Arenas - The Martians Meet the Telephone: Sesame Street

Carmelo Anthony - Run: Shihad

Shaq - The Whole World: Outkast

Jerry Sloan - Author of Pain: Heavy Water Factory

Kevin Garnett - Suffer Well: Depeche Mode
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