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Originally Posted by r32soul
wanna know why Suns are so good guarding the 3s? it's not because they really play good defense..

it's because Suns are always so far and ahead with the score that in order for teams to catch up they have to shoot a lot of 3s to come back..


excellent point

i've watched almost every suns game this year, except a few. All season long i've noticed a great improvement in Nash's defense.

Firstly, Nash is very aggressive with his double teaming, but he is very smart as to when he double teams. He does this in a few ways. One way is by rarely leaving a deadly shooter/scorer to double-team a lesser scorer, and Nash generally seems very aware in those scenarios.

Another 'smart' tactic that Nash employs is to only double-team when the opposing ball-handler is in a poor position to beat the trap. If there is poor spacing on one side of the floor, and the player with the ball is isolated on the wing, Nash will attack him with the double-team very aggressively. In this situation, the offensive player is more prone to try and beat the double team himself, which is exactly what the defense wants. This tactic also may force the ball-handler to wait for a teammate to come to the ball and receive a pass. While this is going on, it gives Nash time to rotate back to his man if the double team is apparentally unsuccessful.

To be honest, I haven't paid special attention to Nash's one-on-one defense. So I can't really comment.

But one other thing that you'll almost always see Nash doing is running to get a hand in a shooters face. Rarely, if ever, does Nash give up on a defensive play and attempt to crash the boards or get in position for an inbounds pass. If there is a wide-open shooter spotting up in Nash's range, he almost always gets there to put a hand in his face.
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