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Default McCants out means KG goes

The Wolves trade with Boston could not have worked out better. R. Davis and Banks gave us the off the bounce players that you need in our new offence. Blount was our most consistant player. His reputation as bad rebounder and defender was proven wrong and his offense at center is twice what the Wolves have ever had. Justin Reed was a taller Trenton Hassle. The McCants pick was also a great move as he proved to be the scoring machine we hoped and a fine defender as well. These were the best moves McHale has ever made. Oh wait, McHale made these moves so of course they are blowing up in our faces. McCants has the kind of surgery that has ended many stars careers (Penny, Alan Houston) and now it seems that they will allow Banks to leave for nothing proving again McHales awesome grasp of point guard play in the NBA. Billups, Bobby Jackson, and Sam go and William Avery, T. Hudson and Jaric stay. Brilliant! Oh, and E Griffin is on the sauce again. It does explain his awful shooting last year. All that being said. It is time for KG to go. And take McHale with him. His trade value will never be higher and there are numerous teams that can assemble attractive packages. Chicago, the Clippers, GS, NJ, PHO, Indi, and Boston all can put together what we want. Next years draft is the best ever THE BEST EVER! BOOK IT! This is the perfect time to rebuild acquire a pick, and lose enough to assure that we retain our own pick next year. And If you want KG then you have to take Hudson. This gutless piece of garbage won't play because his ankle hurts and he won't have surgery because it hurts. Pansy! The only season where he has played 50 games for us is the one where, if he did, it guaranteed the final year of his ridiculous contract. What a puke! And nice pig tails you frilly little girl! Jaric can be a solid contributor even if he never lives up to the stupid contract McHale gifted him with. So here's the deal

Pippy long stockings(Hudson)-Just an albatross. If there are no takers then just release him.
Garnett- Trade value never higher. Built the franchise, he can do it again by leaving
Madsen- Only here to bodyguard soft KG. has to have the record for airballed free throws.
E. Griffin- Off court embarrassment waiting to happen.
Hassle- Love this guy but Justin Reed duplicates skills. Excellent trade value.
Jaric- kind of contract that can be traded for another dissapointment (D.Miles, Swift)
R. Davis- First off the bounce option in crunch time since Marbury. Balls!
M. Blount- Everyone so focused on his perceived flaws, they miss his strenghts. Great shooter.
J. Reed- Scrapper who will work to improve. Trenton Hassle Jr.
B. Wright- Cold blooded scorer deserves a chance to prove he can be more.
M. Banks- Typical McHale finds a good one and lets him walk for nothing. Will probably sign with LA while McHale signs Pippy to a seven year extension.
McHale- Even good moves turn to crap. Just go fishing and let big boys work.
G. Taylor- Knows nothing about basketball needs to sign the checks and just do what his basketball people tell him. (not McHale) KG is not the only reason people are fans of the Wolves. Don't sell out the future just to make him happy.
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