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Default Get your NBA tickets here 1st; I have most presale passwords

If anybody is interested in purchasing tickets for the upcoming season (from ticketmaster so face value, not a 3rd party site), I just got the master email with all 30 presale passwords and date and times on it. Post your team and I'll put the link, date, and password. Some just say, "not available yet, check back later."

But if you want to go to see a big team like the Lakers or Heat when they come to your city and end up having to buy from a 3rd party site or a regular reseller, chances are you will pay 5 or more times face value anyways so you'd really be better off putting all your eggs into getting them now for flat face value and getting like 5 or 6 other games, than having to pay 125$ for a 10$ seat on game day.

But that all depends on the market too. I am speaking mostly from experience here in OKC, especially with the playoffs last yr. Markup was ridiculous, got so bad the cops started arresting people
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