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Default Re: Get your NBA tickets here 1st; I have most presale passwords

MY bad, been sleep then just woke up to watch a WNBA game; sure there's a joke there somewhere.

Here is the Warriors

Golden State Warriors
Starts 9/15 at 10 AM PT
Ends 9/16 at 10 AM PT
Password: GSW RESALE10


New York Knicks
Starts 9/16 at 12:30 PM ET
Ends 9/20 at 12 AM ET
Password: NYKNBA

Free tickets sounds great Go Getter, how so? I work for the Army and they give us tickets on occasion, but it's usually to shitty teams like the Pacers. I do participate in reselling though and taking profit from 1 ticket to pay for itself and buy another one is technically free. There's an art to it timing wise, mostly just involves being only 24/7 on Craigslist, Stubhub, TicketExchange, and eBay.

And if your team isn't participating in the presale program, that doesn't mean you can't get tickets, just that they aren't doing a presale promotion. Go to or whatever the team is and go to their tickets page and find out how/when tickets will be on sale and make it a point to be there on time.

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