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Post Pits and Gansey are projected 2nd rounders

You seem to be overrating these guys being a homer fan of W VA.
With all draft picks, teams need to look at their needs, the talent, and
the evolution of the game. The game has evolved back into fast offensive style game. The defensive minded Spurs and Pistons could not get it done. With Amare back for the Suns in 2006-7, the Suns will become one of the favorites to dethrone the Heat who are too old to repeat. Look for teams to draft guys who are multi-dimensional athletic players with multiple offensive skills or the potential to develop them in the first round. Role players like Gansey and Pits who are more one dimensional or lack athleticism will be picked in the 2nd.

On NBADRAFT.NET , Gansey was compared to Jeff Hornacek. I think
a better comparison is Eric Piatowski, a 3 pt specialist role player. Gansey's
game is as developed as it can be. A team drafting him will not be
drafting for potential. Due to his grit and hustle and 3 pt shooting,
he would fit in with the Clips who could draft him with one of their 2nd round
picks. As for Pitt, the guy is slow, lacks an inside game, not a great leaper,
and limited to being a 3 pt shooter. Again, any team drafting him, gets
a developed player and known quantity. I dont see him in the league
for more than a few years at best. He will do better in the Euroleague
where shot blocking and inside play is less important.
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