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Chicago is a whole different system. It wont be the run-n-gun free flowing MVP dime dishn' PHX Suns where you can throw ANY combination of players out on the floor and it will work. Chicago is a traditional half court set team where Marions weaknesses will be exposed. Granted he would still be beasting, he is afterall an extremely skilled player, but I dont feel our team should take on an whole new dynamic to fit Marions skillset when we already have a beautiful proven system in place (we gave the Champs a good run for their money).

We need to address our post scoring, or lack there of, and our perimeter defense. Which can easily be done via draft (Aldridge) and free agency (Pietrus). These gaps in our roster you can safely sail the titantic through, and they must be addressed. Not the SF position where we're already loaded with Noc and Deng (Noc was an absolute maniac in the playoffs).

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