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Originally Posted by Perezident
we are happy we made the deal with u guys pacers got rapped in the deal Artest>>>peja

ok honest question how do u guys feel about gettin **** RAPPED!! again!!!! from Goldenstate lmao and how do u feel that now bird has become the new ZEKE lol

its almost like u guys traded harrington peja sjax sarunas powell for : Dun Troy McBrick lol and the only sense in th trade IKE???
you think GS got the better end of the deal?? just shows how much Kings fans know, you guys are a ****in joke, just like your jackson was probably the best thing pacers did this year, the amount of trouble jackson causes on and off the court isnt worth shock why he has had 5 different teams in the past 6 years...and harrington cant play defense if his life depended on it, probably one of the most inconsistent and overrated players around...the only player i didnt want to lose was Sarunas, he has a lot of potential, but to get Ike, i dont know mind....
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