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Default The Movie-Makers Draft - Sign-up and Draft

There’s seems to be plenty of movie-based discussion in here, so here’s a chance to test your knowledge and have a little creative fun.

The aim is to create, cast and crew a single film.

Rules below:
– Snake Draft
– 8 Players
– 12 Rounds
– 8 hours per pick.

You can pick from:
– Any actor or actress in history
– Any film-crewmember in history (director, score-composer, ect)

There is no specific structure that you must follow. You are free to divide up your picks any way you want between crew and cast. This draft is meant to test your knowledge of the film-making process as much as film history.
In the judging phase, it will be assumed that any position on the crew or cast not filled by a pick will be filled by a faceless professional of no better than average ability.

There is one twist…
– You will also need to draft a script for your film. There are two ways to do this:

1) Draft the rights to adapt or re-make a film, novel, TV series, comic-book, video game or life-story.
For example: I draft the rights to adapt Stephen King’s novel Cell into my film.
In this situation you will need to assign the actors and actresses you draft to specific characters within your script.
It will be assumed that your director will write the adaptation.

2) Draft a screen-writer and pick a genre for them. It will be assumed that they produce an original script for your film.
For Example: I draft Mitchell Hurwitz to write a Comedy screenplay.

Either way, your script uses up one pick and can be used in any round you choose.

There are no specific judging criteria. Just try and create the most appropriate mix of talent for your film and it will be judged on its merit as a whole product.

I’ll check back in 12 hours to check the sign ups and randomise the order if we’re ready.

Sign ups:

Script- An Original Work by Joseph Stefano (Thriller)
Anthony Hopkins
Morgan Freeman
Jack Nicholson
Jodie Foster
Gene Hackman
Kevin Spacey
Ingmar Bergman: Director
Sven Nykvist: Cinematographer
John Williams: Score Composer
Michael Kahn: Editor
Stuart Craig: Production Designer

Script- The Sicilian by Mario Puzo (Adapted by Francis Ford Coppola)
Al Pacino: Michael Corleone
Marcello Mastroianni: Salvatore "Turi" Guiliano
Frank Wolf: Gaspare Pisciotta
Orson Welles: Vito Corleone
Richard S. Castellano: Peter Clemenza
Sophia Loren: La Venera
Dustin Hoffman: Hector Adonis
Francis Ford Coppola: Director
Gordon Willis: Cinematographer
Dean Tavoularis: Set Designer
Nino Rota: Score Composer

Script- Neuromancer by William Gibson (Adapted by Stanely Kubrick)
Montgomery Clift: Henry Dorsett Case
Robert Duvall: Armitage
Julianne Moore: Molly Millions
Johnny Depp: Peter Riviera
Bob Hoskins: Finn
Stanley Kubrick: Director
Conrad Hall: Cinematographer
Harry Lange: Production Designer
Richard Taylor: Art Director
Trent Reznor and Angelo Badalamenti: Score Composers

Script-The Third Man by Carol Reed (Adapted by Charlie Chaplin)
Edward Norton: Holly Martins
Katharine Hepburn: Anna Schmidt
James Cagney: Harry Lime
Charlie Chaplin: Major Calloway
Christoph Waltz: Baron Kurtz
Alfred Hitchcock: Director
Robert Burks: Cinematographer
Vincent Corda: Production Designer
Hermann Warm: Art Director
Edith Head: Costume Designer
Anton Karas: Score Composer
Charlie Chaplin: Score Composer, Editor

Script- An Original Work by Wong Kar-wai (Drama)
Daniel Day Lewis
Humphrey Bogart
Maggie Cheung
Marion Cotillard
Tony Leung
Jean Luc Godard: Director
Christopher Doyle: Cinematographer
Johnny Greenwood: Score Composer

Script- The Brothers Karamazov by Feodor Dostoyevsky (Adapted by Bernardo Bertolucci)
Sean Penn: Dmitri Karamazov
John Malkovich: Ivan Karamazov
Jude Law: Aliosha Karamazov
Tim Roth: Smerdjakov
Gerard Depardieu: Fedor Karamazov
Faye Dunaway: Grushenka
Ian McKellen: Zosima
Bernardo Bertolucci: Director
Ridley Scott: Production Designer
Vangelis: Score Composer
Vittorio Storaro: Cinematographer

Script- An Original Work by Billy Wilder (Crime/Drama)
Robert De Niro
Clint Eastwood
Leonardo DiCaprio
Meryl Streep
Joe Pesci
Javier Bardem
Willem Dafoe
Martin Scorsese: Director
Roger Deakins: Cinematographer
Ennio Morricone: Score Composer
Thelma Schoonmaker: Editor

Script- The Sandman by Neil Gaiman (Adapted by the Coen Brothers)
Marlon Brando: Dream
Denzel Washington: Destiny
Paul Newman: Alex Burgess
Peter O'Toole: Lucifer
Angelina Jolie: Death
Rosario Dawsom: Desire
James Cameron: Director
Joel Coen and Ethan Coen - Cinematographers, Editors
Thomas Newman - Score Composer
Colleen Atwood - Costume Designer


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