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Default Re: Hakeem Olajuwon is beginning to become quite overrated here.

Originally Posted by ShaqAttack3234
Here's Wilt sprinting and going all out to the point where he falls and his head still isn't at the rim
LOL, I'm sure you know that argument isn't legit. He wasn't qualifing for a long or high jump. He did what he set out to do.
And that's probably the closest I've seen his head to the rim. Now, Shaq coming out of LSU recorded a 36" max vertical at the 1992 pre-draft camp. Here you can see that with a standing vert, his head is damn near rim level. [url=""][/URL

340 pound 28 year old Shaq, his shoulder isn't that far from rim level!
Have YOU ever seen Wilt jump that high? If so, post the footage. ]
Just curious do you really think Shaq is in some facet or comparable measure to Wilt in jumping? Heck anytype of jumping? One foot, two foot, broad, standing, slow, fast, running, high or long? With limited footage of Wilt we know he way more explosive than Shaq. Shaq seems to not to like to jump. He's a sometime jumper. Height isn't going to be proved on video but we see Wilt ducking his head a lot because of the backboard, its dangerous beyond that so that's a useless point to prove during the game. But even in the hideous footage you posted of Wilt he had more spring in his legs than probably any center since (Maybe not Hakeem, who doesn't get enough credit for being the smartest guy of knowing when to leave his feet.)

You're telling me Wilt not only jumped higher than all of them, but a foot higher?
Don't you think Dwight Howard can touch the top of the backboard??? He's that close with his left hand while multitasking with his right. Now Dwight is a leaper.
Except give Wilt a more realistic 40 mpg(which is the most any big man averaged in 2000). One of them was Kevin Garnett who is extremely durable and had to carry a team as much as any superstar.

Wilt's Warriors averaged 129.7 possessions per game, Shaq's Lakers averaged 93.3 possessions per game. Give Wilt the amount of FGA per possession and FTA per FGA in 40 mpg and he averages 30.7 ppg on 24 FGA. Give him the same percentage of his teams rebounds in 40 mpg and he averages 15.9 rpg and 1.8 apg

And no, it's not clear that he would have shot better. The league average was lower then because of all the quick shots perimeter players took as well as the inferior ball handling skills of perimeter players at the time and the lack of guards who attacked the basket the same way perimeter players do now. Wilt would still be posting up, like he did then except there would be less transition opportunities and....

And this isn't about what he would have averaged rather than putting his stats in perspective given the pace and minutes. I personally think he wouldn't be getting up 24 shots per game in 2000 or averaging 30. Even so, I'll admit that Wilt was a better rebounder than Shaq or Kareem, though the margin isn't as big as the initial stats suggest.
Neither Shaq or Kareem really went out of their way to rebound. It was like something they hated to do on the job resume. Wilt was more eager and more fundamental..

Your other points are solidly made. I have a Wilt in today's thread coming soon. And maybe you will join that one.

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