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Originally Posted by shafir
You cant blame the media for the criticism, what has Isiah accomplished in his three year tenure? The first year he was here, we made the playoffs with a record of 39-43. Next year, our wins go down to 33, than it goes down again to 23. He has compiled great young talents, but with a payroll like that, it hasnt translated to wins. We are getting better this season, and not all his moves are terrible(i liked most of them) but the media has a basis for its criticism.

The problem is that the Knicks play in the media capital of the world. Anything happens with the Knicks, it will be on espn with the quickness with as much critisism as humanly possible. As for what Isaiah has done for the team, he has placed people more in their natural positions (remember Spreewell playing with point guard duties?), he brought in people with size (before the knicks were very undersized, having Kurt Thomas as their tallest and most physical for years until they brought in Tim Thomas). And lets not forget, he inherrited a bad team which was already over the cap to begin with. So its not like he single handedly placed this team into the luxury tax hall of fame. He did a lot for a team that many people didn't want to work with. Before Frye, Lee, Curry, nate rob, Balkman, and Marbury, the Knicks were looking for an identity. Rebounding and shot-blocking were our sore weakness, but now we are the best rebounding team in the league. We have an identity with Curry, marbs, Frye, Lee, etc. and we're getting better. With everything this team has faced, Isaiah has helped them through it and is determined to make this team better.
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