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Originally Posted by RapsFan
I just got Madden for the 360 as well. Am I missing something or are there a lot fewer features then 06 on the PS2? Is it just the xbox version vs the PS version. Madden 06 had the radio guy talking in the menu, the newspapers, position battles, emails from the owner etc etc etc. Way more options. Also, there was a fantasy draft option. Am I blind or are none of these on the 360 version of Madden 07?

Also the game broadcast is just a guy on the radio....not even John Madden and Michaels?!

yes they DID leave a ton of stuff out that is in the PS2 version. EA claims its b/c the graphics took so much time but thats a flat lie b/c they had tons of time to add that crap. they just dont feel the need to since they have the exclusive deal on the NFL. its just like everyone said since they got that deal. They will slowly start half assing the games knowing that people will still buy it b/c tis the only NFL game you can get. EA blows.

but seriously, try the Wii version. its gives you hope that maybe, just maybe, EA will get their heads out of their asses.
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