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BCB they have Wayne Simien as their PF of the future and also Alonzo Mourning aka the best third big in the league. Simmons is a much better player than Posey and this team really needs a stronger starting unit rather than a hodgepodge collection of 8 pretty good players that don't really fit around Wade.

What if Milwaukee included Mo Williams in the deal? That way the Heat never have to play Jason Williams again. Mo can handle the ball, is a decent enough passer so much as to get the ball to Wade or Shaq/Walker, and can hit open shots, and most of all, isn't a retard.

So that would leave the Heat with Mo/Wade/Simmons/Simien/Shaq with Antoine, Payton, Alonzo, Jason, and others off the bench... and the Bucks don't need Mo anyway.
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