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Originally Posted by Mewwem22
Just think about how it is to be a jazz fan. The whole jazz team is stacked with underrated players.

i dont think you can really say that.

Deron Williams has recieved the props he deserves and has been compared to Kidd in his style. He is widely regarded as a top 5 sophomore player without a doubt.

Boozer has only proved his outstanding ability this season. He has been ranked at number 1 in the MVP rankings on during the year and everyone is well aware of how well he has been playing. This is the first season he deserves to be considered among the best in the NBA and he certainly has recieved that credit.

AK47, He's been playing injured, but you can't deny that he has been exposed for the overrated player he is.

Okur may be the one (of your top tier players) that is legitimately underrated. He is a terrific shooter for a big man and continually proves that he can come up big in the clutch. We all saw the numbers he put up last year when he had to fill the void of injuries, and they were impressive to say the least.
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