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Default Re: The off-season

Just checked Kaman, he's got a contract 'til next season, same as Okur. Okur makes about $2 million less though.

They might find him or Millsap a better fit with Griffin too?

You imagine Birdman and AK flying around out there together? It'd be pretty good.

Denver could be very tough defensively with that trade. Billups/Affalo/AK/Martin/Birdman and Balkman all known for D. I'll bet they wished they had kept Kleiza around though. He'd probably like to be there with Anthony gone too.

he Jazz’s primary reason for making the move would be shedding salary.


Utah will likely have a roster worth about $75 million when training camp starts Tuesday if the team does not deal Kirilenko, severely limiting Utah’s ability to make moves during the season.

Like they'd be likely to make any moves other than giving guys away like last year anyway. What's the tax set at. The trade gets them pretty close I guess?

The Jefferson trade looks worse all the time.
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