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Originally Posted by Y2Gezee
I think they're a definate playoff team next year, they'll probably make some moves this year that make them a bit better, and play to their strengths.
No freakin' way at all.

You're living in a fantasy if you think they can make some moves. They can't. They have no players with any trade value, no cap space, no draft picks. All they have is the MLE and the LLE, and the one that you seem to be extremely high on paid the entire MLE to have Jerome James for 6 years. It's really hard for me to imagine Isiah suddenly starting to make smart moves. And they have Marbury who just makes anywhere he goes into a loser.

I guarnatee that these teams will finish ahead of the Knicks.

New Jersey

And it's hard for me to envision the Knicks being better than Boston, Orlando and Toronto either.
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