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Originally Posted by Perezident
thats y i much rather 6'6 PG mardy collins imo the guy is str8 up a hustler who is a much needed play maker on the squad

the only way i make a deal with heat if we can get Kapono who we were intrested in while he was at bobcats and even b4 that...i really like kapono's game the guy can flat out shoot ur friggin lights out!! but if we cant get him....i mean Dorel is a good player n all but i think would much rather kapono in the deal

so a deal of dorel posey kapono and simein for Ron Pot hart would be ideal for me

Collins=younger and worse version of John Salmons.

Kapono isn't the type of player to be a deal breaker either. He's a badly needed shooter off the bench for them. For us he's a good shooter on a team that sucks this year. He might be a FA at the end of the year, I'm not sure. If he is and you want him that bad you just sign him to a small contract in the summer anyway. We are toast this season man, it's best to just accept it and hopefully the Maloofs let Geoff Petrie start planning for next year.
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