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Default Re: What game did you finish?

Originally Posted by ukballer
I'm horrible at finishing games, I just get too bored. Especially when I'm crap at them.

I guess completing the Pokemon games can count? Even though basically everyone who had the game completed them....

Oh, I did complete Gran Turismo 4 though. Won every race/championship and unlocked every car. That was/is one addictive game. Now I don't even have a PS3 to play GT5 on.
Wow that's quite something. I remember when i got my PS2 it was packaged with GT3 A-spec. Fantastic game. But I think I broke a controller or two from frustration of leading the first 4 1/2 laps of a race and then crashing halfway on the 5th and last lap....

And then getting the same ****ing car I unlocked 30 minutes ago from the same race (there were 4 different cars to be unlocked at random)
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