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They do have players of value. People can and probably will trade for Steve Francis. Maybe Jerome James, Eddy Curry, and Frye isn't untradeable, and many teams would look at him. Depending on what Minnesota is thinking about rebuilding they could trade KG to them for Jalen Rose (expiring deal) and Frye and maybe a pick. I mean nobody is gonna trade for Marbury, but they have tradeable pieces.

But even if they don't, they have talent. Seemed to me that Brown's very specific and unwaivering style of play is what held them back last year as they didn't have the type of talent to run that style. And its the Eastern conference. Them playing a more open offensive game is gonna get them more wins, and playing for someone that they all respect could help them play better D (not great defensively, but more inspired). But Curry and Marbury will be able to play more and better suited to their abilities and I think that makes a big difference.

Nobody expected them to be that badwith the talent they had, and them getting Curry and Frye should on paper should put them in playoff contention and that is with damn near any coach. There's no way in my mind they don't win atleast 40-43 games and that should be enough to make it in the East.

But Im sure they'll trade Rose even if it takes during the season for it to happen. He still can play and has an expiring max deal. And probably Francis too.

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