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Default Iguodala not in Dunk Contest

"Andre Iguodala said Wednesday night in Memphis that he was not interested in a second appearance in the (slam dunk) competition." Philadelphia Daily News

"I don't want to do it," Iguodala said. "It's a long process. You dunk, then you sit for 20 minutes. Last year, with the dunk contest and the rookie game [the rookie-sophomore game], I played 4 nights in a row. I was just tired. It's hard to come up with new stuff. They need some new young guys." Philadelphia Daily News

I wanted to see him in it again, but it sounds like he already showed his best. I'm sure Nate Robinson will be back to defend the title. Hopefully he gets that between the legs off the board to go down (first or second try would be nice). I wouldn't mind seeing JR Smith back in it either.
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