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-We need a good PG. Snow sucks BADLY. His offensive is so horrible, it allows teams to play 10 feet off of him, which allows other teams to play better defensive on us, especially on Lebron. We could acquire a good PG via the draft such as Daniel Gibson. He would be nice. There are quite a few good ones in the draft. Signing Jason Terry would be awesome, but that could just be wishful thinking.

-We need another shooter. Too much inconsistency in that area of the team. Lebron has greatly improved in that area, but he still lacks the consistency in his jumpshot. Hughes isn't a good shooter. Never has been. Donyell Marshall is pretty inconsistent, but when he is on, he is on. D Jones is pretty consistent, despite the portion of the season where he struggled. The problem with him is that is really the only thing he can do. So when he stuggles, he is useless. Either way. Add another shooter.

-We also need another banger. Someone like Anderson who is all hustle and will be a force in the paint. That is something that Big Z is not. Z is just a big goof ball. He's slow, soft, weak, clumsy. I would take Z for Chandler. Chandler is young, he's a little skinny, but defensively he is very good, and with Lebron, he would be beastly.
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