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Originally Posted by GOBB
Oh man there were some campaigns on Hardended that stressed me out. One comes to mind is Heart of Reich I believe. There is a part where you gotta blow up these guns. I literally had to look on youtube for a guide and even that didnt help me that much.

By far the toughest of all the COD games to beat on Hardened but very rewarding and a feeling of satisfaction. So you dont have Sho No Numa or Der Riese?

yea man. I can't imagine Veteran. I still have to go back and clear it on vet. The Heart of Reich level was brutal. I had managed to clear the 1st 2 guns no issues, after that it took me like 30 tries to clear the last 2 before that last level. I thought that part was harder than taking the Reichstag or whatever it was at the end. The part I had the most frustration on in the entire game though was the last mission in Okinawa where you had the flamethrower and you had to clear out the tunnels. I kept getting 1 shot over and over and over and I had to stop playing.

And nah the only map I have that doesn't come in the case is Makin Day, because it was a free download. I think next week I'm going to get some more points and buy the 2000 pt map bundle to get them all. I would have it by now but I bought The Passing for L4D2, it was half off the other day.

Back to Fable though, the 2nd wasn't nearly as good as the 1st. But where the story was lacking I still had fun just dicking around in town, trying to keep my wives and children from meeting each other in the same town . The mini-games were a bit boring but I didn't mind it at all. I think this game will be a big improvement even if it wasn't that long since Fable 2. I actually think this new contact system to influence people will work well. And followers instead of gathering those annoying orbs could be a good change (although sometimes I would get stuck in my house from all the people following me around with hearts, that was incredibly annoying ).

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