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I cant wait to use my character on Fable 2 for this one! Real geek-ish but whatever. Only time I can go back to being a kid since those years are long and gone.

Originally Posted by clipse026
yea man. I can't imagine Veteran. I still have to go back and clear it on vet. The Heart of Reich level was brutal. I had managed to clear the 1st 2 guns no issues, after that it took me like 30 tries to clear the last 2 before that last level. I thought that part was harder than taking the Reichstag or whatever it was at the end. The part I had the most frustration on in the entire game though was the last mission in Okinawa where you had the flamethrower and you had to clear out the tunnels. I kept getting 1 shot over and over and over and I had to stop playing.

And nah the only map I have that doesn't come in the case is Makin Day, because it was a free download. I think next week I'm going to get some more points and buy the 2000 pt map bundle to get them all. I would have it by now but I bought The Passing for L4D2, it was half off the other day.

Crap you said hardened. I completed everything on Veteran. My bad, that game stressed me out! I was so determined to beat it. Reaching a checkpoint was a sigh of relief! Crap you arent doing it on Veteran? Booo@u!

But if you do get the map packs let me know. I'll help you get the achievements for zombie maps (in map pack 2 and 3). I have all the achievements except 1. And yes that flame thrower mission was a pain in the f*cking ass. 1 shot kills, infinite grenades, everlasting spamming enemy if you dont advance. Oh man. Memories.
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