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Originally Posted by GOBB
I cant wait to use my character on Fable 2 for this one! Real geek-ish but whatever. Only time I can go back to being a kid since those years are long and gone.

Crap you said hardened. I completed everything on Veteran. My bad, that game stressed me out! I was so determined to beat it. Reaching a checkpoint was a sigh of relief! Crap you arent doing it on Veteran? Booo@u!

But if you do get the map packs let me know. I'll help you get the achievements for zombie maps (in map pack 2 and 3). I have all the achievements except 1. And yes that flame thrower mission was a pain in the f*cking ass. 1 shot kills, infinite grenades, everlasting spamming enemy if you dont advance. Oh man. Memories.
Yea I was going to try a decent difficulty and before I knew it Hardened was a *****. I'll def go back and clear it on veteran though. Should be even more frustrating but at least I know a general strategy for each level. And yes I wish the game kept track of how many times you sprinted or threw back grenades on campaign. I ran back and forth dodging stuff so many times and I had to have thrown back at least 500 grenades . Everlasting enemies was the problem I had on that level. I ended up having to throw in smoke grenades and somehow getting the AI to run in there 1st and die for me and I finally made it through.
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