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Originally Posted by KnicksFan4Life
1) Same thing with the Phoenix Suns and Chicago Bulls, but both of those teams made it into the postseason.

So Raja Bell, Steve Nash, Chandler, Hinrich and Nocioni can neither defend, distribute, rebound, or block shots? Ok.

2) The Knicks have excellent rookies, and a bright future ahead with or without Isiah Thomas.

Knicks do have some good young players. Unfortunately they play the same position as higher paid players that will complain if they don't get minutes. Lockerroom problems are a definite in New York.

3) Frye is an extremely versitile player, he shoots jumpshots, goes to the hoop, BLOCKS SHOTS, gets rebounds, and make plays.

Frye is a jumpshot shooting PF that still shies away from physical play. He ripped it up the first half of the season but once teams found him out he had problems. And like most rookies, he has no idea what NBA defense looks like.

4) Eddy Curry could be a dominant center if he didnt always get in foul trouble, he would destroy weak defensive teams like the Chicago Bulls if he learned not to pick up silly fouls

And I would be president of the United States if I was from Texas and had a famous last name. IF is a word that has always been used with Curry. He has no excuses anymore for his lazy play. And the Bulls handled him pretty well this past season. Malik Rose gave the Bulls more problems than Baby Benoit.

The fatass actually GAINED weight during the season. How is that possible while playing an 82 game schedule?
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