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This guy shares a lot in common with Gil, but that ain't a good thing.

Gilbert is the Dirk Nowitzki of 6'3 inconsistent tweener guards. Just like Dirk, 99% of the players with his play style are not worth consistent starting spots in the league, are only roleplayers at best, and are never worth a lottery selection. But like Dirk, there is something in him that drives him to be one of the best, something rarely if ever found anywhere else.

There's no reason to expect this dude to be anything more than an impact player off the bench. A real dime a dozen player. Maybe he'll be the 1 in 100 that break out to be the next Chauncey/Gilbert whose able to pull off tweenerism and inconsistency and be a consistently good starter. But chances are he'll be Bobby Jackson, Juan Dixon, Tony Allen, etc, etc, etc.
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