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omg, WATCH THE GAMES, just over analizing their rosters doesnt work, the suns need nash because he is PERFECT to run the point in that system, freakin leandro barbosa cant play pg, all he can do is shoot, without nash they would maybe get the 8th seed, not more than that.

stoudemire would look like dwight howard minus the rebounding without nash feeding him with pick and roll dunks all night, none of the spot up 3pt shooters would be as effective without nash, nash creates for others and for himself.

the lakers were a very good team but when shaq missed games they played like trash, hell they had a 39% winning percentage in the games in which kobe played and shaq didnt, those teams were built around the best center in the league, they were talented even without him but they played bad without him, same for the suns, they are built around the best pg in the league, even with their whole talent they dont execute without him.

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