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Later, he blocked the shot of Portland’s Armon Johnson and, unable to control himself, did a Dikembe Mutombo-type finger wag afterward. Watching Fes trying to impersonate the great Mutumbo certainly was entertaining. But Sloan was less than amused. “He was trying (to play hard). I don’t have a problem with him trying,” Sloan said. “He blocked a shot and got real cute and pointed at the player. From that point, he kind of took himself out of the game.

“Those things, you’ve got to learn to keep focused on playing. You don’t need to (taunt). Everybody in the building knew he blocked the shot. Those things, you’ve got to play through and not add fuel to the fire of the other team.” Fesenko was also on the floor during the fourth quarter as the Blazers again battled back from a double-digit deficit.

What a dumbass!
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