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Originally Posted by Bill Swerski
Swerski's opinions>>>WilliamPhiladelphiaSmith's onions...

No honestly your previous post just blurts out pure Texan hick ignorance in combination with being whooped by Heat resentment.

Did you notice that the Bulls were able to push back the Heat to 6 games and actually looked as equal of a force, if not better than the pathetic odyssey the Mavericks embarked upon.

Face it, you are completely jealous that NONE of your guards right now can touch Ben Gordon, and by dubbing him as a "great shooter" you don't even know much about him.

He'z steadily improving on defense, can really PASS as well as a PG (tho not make the plays necessarily) and his straight up offensive game continues to be more dominant. Getting smarter, he drives to the basket at will, does his vintage teardrop move, has shown the ability to score with much contact, lay it high, or just do his patent crossover into a jump. Or he can just spot shoot and be a valuable compliment to Kirk Hinrich.

He W.I.L.L be a 20 ppg/4.5 apg guy (at least), ask any avid Gordon watchers, haterz too. Athletically, I believe 22 or 23 (whatever he is) is not necessarily the prime, clown. 27 is the best combination of strength, body control, paired with agility, hops etc.. but a steady decline in jumping ability. He doesn't need that cuz he's a clever dude, and knows how to get his shot off.

In conclusion, you are a blind hater, who should not be a GM, and currently root for a team who do not possess ANY players that will reach BG's level in a couple of years. Terry'z better now, but watch out for the future, imbecile.
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