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Originally Posted by haterofhaters

"One young man stopped me in the streets while I was there and said, "Gilbert is the best guard in the league, but I'm going to tell you what Gilbert's problem is ." One young sistah who just recently graduated from Lehigh University rolled up on me and said, "I think Gilbert is feelin' himself a little too much right now. I love his confidence, but it's starting to cross over into arrogance."

Still if you've watched him play this past month, you must concede: Yeah, they may be right, but to hell with that. This month, these 32 nights, he's earned the right to be the most arrogant "

This was taken from part of a scoop jackson article. I tend to agree that all the hype is getting to his head. His comments went from 'do my best, i'm glad i did it type stuff to, i know i can do it on any give night, i'll even predict the night, i'm unstoppable, etc..

I know that Gilbert has always thrived on being overlooked, and being an underdog, but now he has most definitely lost that status. Does anyone think this will make him kind of sit on his career and think he's the ish?

Gilbert's personality has not changed a BIT. You guys think he was some kind of Micheal Redd quiet type last year? WTF? Dude has always been an entertainer who will say anything to the media to get them talking. Dude has always had the cocky personality.

Everything he says is with a smile and a laugh, whenever he says something about himself being great, it's almost never in a serious context.

And as far as feeling himself, why not? Nobody here picked the Wiz to have the best record in the East midseason. Nobody expected Arenas to improve on his numbers from last year. Gilbert is playing with the house's money. Everything he does for the rest of his career is beyond the expectations that anybody had for him.

And with his work ethic it's unlikely he starts sitting on anything, this is not Vince Carter. Arenas has the same passion for the game that the greats have.
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