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Your talking about a dude who in his first All-Star team said that he we was going to be the MVP of the game. A dude who last summer said he would average 50 against the Blazers/Suns. A dude who said that Wade and Eddie Jones together didn't equal Kobe. A dude who said that a monkey could shoot better than Gerald Wallace. A dude who guaranteed the playoffs when he first signed with the Wiz. A dude who when an NBA scout asked him what he would be doing if he wasn't in the NBA, he said he would be an international pimp.

I'm telling you, he's always been like this. He has not changed a bit. It just so happens he went from cocky 2nd round pick to 2nd round who says he's going to drop 50 and now is actually capable of doing it. Your just noticing it now because of all the media hype. Only in his most serious moments is he humbled, but when he's talking to the media he's almost always in 'entertainer' mode. He's absolutely tongue in cheek.
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